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 Menus for Thanksgiving Dinner for Small Families

When you're organizing a huge feast for a large company, it seems easier to discover all the perfect Thanksgiving recipes, but what if you only have a small family or are planning a meal for just you and your husband on Thanksgiving? Check out this collection of small-family Thanksgiving dinner food ideas to see how you may have an intimate, pleasant, and memorable day!

First and foremost, this is not a day when you must do something typical. Instead, consider this time as an opportunity to do something "extraordinary." When most moms are busy basting a big turkey on Thanksgiving morning, you can spend your time making sweet smelling gingerbread pancakes with whipped cream topping and hot syrup, served with fresh cut pineapple on an antique platter, dreamy new serving dish from the new department store in your neighborhood, or pretty little dinner plate you bought the day before from the dollar store. If gingerbread pancakes aren't enough for your family, try a Paula Deen, Julie Child, or Rachael Ray breakfast meal, or create a Mexican breakfast casserole that you put together the night before and put in the oven on Thanksgiving morning.
Monkey bread, those glorious sugar and cinnamon covered biscuit balls baked in a Bundt cake pan and smothered in brown sugar and butter, can also be a nice start to a small family's Thanksgiving day dinner, and if you keep left-overs in baggies, you'll be able to enjoy this special treat for breakfast for a few more days. Any exceptional recipe you've never tried before or have only prepared on a few special occasions would be a good choice for Thanksgiving morning.

You can even locate an entirely other unique activity or event to participate in on Thanksgiving morning. Because you won't be entertaining a large crowd, use the time to get your family up and running or walking a 5K race in your town (make sure you tell them about it ahead of time and complete any registrations required for a formal walk or run unless you're just watching), or take some breakfast sandwiches to a nearby city park and enjoy a simple family walk in the morning air before or after your cold-weather picnic. Another option is to organize a prayer and thankfulness walk in your yard, neighborhood, or in an unique indoor or outdoor location near you. Cut some paper into pieces, and then write something your family is or should be thankful for, or a prayer request for a blessing, on each piece of paper.
Another thing to keep in mind if you have a small family with family holidays approaching is that you don't have to be "normal" to have a good time on Thanksgiving Day. You are not required to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner meal. Consider what recipes from Grandma's old cookbooks you have in storage, a book or magazine you saw while sitting in Borders' coffee shop, or recipes you saw online could be enjoyable to attempt. Find a recipe for turkey breast or turkey cutlets if you want a classic Thanksgiving feast but don't need the whole bird. Serve baked or deep-fried breaded turkey cutlets with honey mustard sauce and sweet potato fries, which will remind your kids of chicken nuggets.
In the slow cooker, you may prepare a variety of delicious turkey breast meals. Consider doing something entirely different or something you've always wanted to do but have never done before if you feel comfortable stretching your comfort zone. New recipes, vintage recipes, southern recipes, New England recipes, French recipes, quick Thanksgiving dishes, and even recipes that appear to be hilarious All of the Thanksgiving dishes for kids are suitable for eating throughout the holidays with the family! Another option is to organize a family labor day to begin or finish unique lawn and garden jobs around the house, or to construct something exciting like a bench or pavilion, followed by cranberry turkey burgers on the grill. The aim here is to just do something new, interesting, or unique to enjoy your supper with your family, no matter how big or tiny it is. Tradition is wonderful, but don't let it rule your life.

In addition, brief Thanksgiving getaways or a family adventure might be a terrific alternative to typical family holidays at home for small families. An overnight stay at a local bed & breakfast or good hotel may be a delightful way to spend Thanksgiving, and most bigger hotels have restaurants nearby that will be open for the meal. Checking in on Thanksgiving Day, eating dinner at a local restaurant, finishing the night with a movie you've always wanted to see but never had the opportunity to see, and then checking out the next day to do some serious nearby Christmas shopping or attend a community Christmas event are all options. If you aren't frightened of fresh, contemporary ideas for your family, having a small family to prepare for may be a terrific opportunity to enjoy a different sort of Thanksgiving fun.
Finally, both before and on this particular day, keep recognizing family people above family holidays. There may be certain benefits to laboring over a stove to create some enormous holiday feast for 25 people or a mob of six or so children, but no big turkey or amazing sweet potato dish will ever be as essential as that loved one sleeping next to you or down the hall. If you have someone important in your life and have spent time researching and considering what you can do to make their holiday memorable, you already know that the best part of family vacations is the FAMILY.
Apart from the All Mighty God Himself, your family members are the most important ingredient you can put into any Thanksgiving Day celebration, whether traditional, contemporary, small, large, or otherwise, so whatever you do, make sure your Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas focus on the ones sitting across from you at your kitchen table.